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Tips for Floral Competition Work

Read Schedule carefully as non adherence may result in disqualification

Plant material must be well conditioned .dead or damaged leaves or petals should be removed

If using plant material from garden this should be cut late evening or early morning.

Containers should be in immaculate condition, suitable to the theme and not predominate in size or colour

Accessories or bases may be used unless otherwise stated. Should be in scale and not predominate over plant material.

How Craft Section (206 to 209) will be assessed

Appearance - visually attractive

Design - appropriate use of design

Elements - form, line, colour, texture

Originality/Creativity/Novelty factor

Workmanship - complexity

Quality - finish on item

Item falls within category entered

Advice to exhibitors on what to bear in mind when showing fruit and vegetables.

It is of paramount importance that the exhibitor reads and takes careful note of the requirements given in the show schedule. Quite often an exhibit is disqualified simply because the exhibitor has staged the wrong number of items.   If a schedule asks for 5 pink potatoes it is 5 pink potatoes that are required and not, for example, 4 pink and 1 white.  

In the case of exhibiting fruit Judges expect all fruit to be in good condition, unblemished and free from damage by pests, disease or mishandling.  Also uniformity of shape, colour, and size.

Apples should be displayed with eyes and stalks intact and staged with the "eye" uppermost.

Points taken into consideration when Judging vegetables will include:

All should be of marketable size and have the characteristic colour and shape of the varieties presented.  Cleanliness, trimming and freshness will score highly as will freedom of injury inflicted mechanically or by pests.   

To exhibit shallots make sure that each has only one bulb. (Sometimes there is a second little bulb hiding under the skin).  Ensure all are even in size and shape.  To get the size for shallots less than 1" find something like the top of a squash bottle which measures just 1” in diameter.  All should slide through this quite easily.  

Remember, when exhibiting shallots they should be put on a container of dry sand.


Please check your entries carefully against details in the schedule

Entries have been disqualified in the past because they have not met the exact requirements in the schedule

Please adhere to the time limits stated in the competition rules